I AM The Door: Come Through

While preparing for work this morning, the encouragement of the Lord descended upon me like a warm blanket wrapping me tightly in its embrace. It arrested me suddenly as the Father poured His love upon me and spoke to me about His favor upon my life. It overwhelmed as the Father took that moment to love on me as He does so often during our intimate times of fellowship.

I am not sure about you, but intimate moments like these with the Father never get old for me and I never treat them with commonality. They are precious and completely break me because He loves us so beautifully. Not only that, it is just breathtaking to know that we have a God, who is KING and RULER of all things, that loves us in such an intimate and personal way. Wow! The very thought of God’s love is enough to carry me away but there is a word burning in my spirit to share with you.

Once I finished my preparation, I exited the house and hopped in my car to head to work. My heart was full as I drove meditating on what the Father had just spoke to me: He however was not done. The Father continued to pour encouragement upon me filling my hearing with these words, “I am applauding you, I see you, I value you, I am opening doors for you – I am the door.”

The Word of the Lord

“You have been waiting on men to acknowledge you - I have

You have been waiting on men to see my glory upon you - I do

You have been waiting for an open door - I am the door

I have opened the door for you

I am applauding you. I acknowledge you. I see you. I am with you.

You do not have to wait for permission to walk through doors I have opened

You do not have to wait for acknowledgement to enter places I have already granted you access to

I am the door - Come through

You do not have to remain in that barren place

You do not have to remain in that brokenness

You do not have to remain there - Come through

Come through to your abundance

Come through to your rest

Come through to NEWNESS

Come through beloved

Come through”

Prophetic Encouragement

These words will not resonate with everyone, but there is someone reading this right now who can relate to having moments of uncertainty where you ask the Father if He is pleased with your service. You wonder if anything will ever break open for you, as it seems you have been pressing and pressing in purpose to no avail. You have been faithful in service, asking, seeking and knocking but nothing seems to be opening for you. If you can relate to moments like these, I pray you are encouraged in your press through these words released from the heart of God.

Listen, I do not know the level of discouragement you are facing or why, but there is hope for you. There is hope for you in the midst of what looks bleak, dry and dead. No matter what the enemy has been saying there is a way of escape for you – there is a door. There is a door open for you – come through. Come through in confidence knowing there is no door of favor God has opened that man can shut. Come through knowing there is no door God is opening even now that man can block you from entering.

My God! Hallelujah! That is worth stopping to give God praise about right there. No man can shut or block the door of God. No one can close it and guess what you do not have to wait on their acknowledgement to walk in it either. You do not have to wait to be welcomed. You do not have to wait to access the doors of God, so “walk through and stop peeping at it,” as my husband always says.

God is the door beloved and your intimate relationship with HIM has granted you permission to come through. Your faithfulness, your persistence to endure the hardness of these years as a good soldier has granted you permission to come through. He is the door come through. Come through unashamedly. It is your season beloved and He is the door – come through.

Revelation 3:8 I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door, which no one can shut. For you have only a little strength, yet you have kept My word and have not denied My name.

A Prayer of Entering The Door

Father in Jesus name I come to you on behalf of your beloved sons and daughters asking that you give them strength to arise and enter the door. Restore their hope and give them strength to pass through to the place of purpose you have prepared for them. Lord God I pray you grant them strength to war once more for the great destiny you have placed upon them.

Father in Jesus name I come praying you dismantle now the assignment of discouragement that was sent to stop their forward momentum. I pray you expose every lie of the enemy that convinced them they were rejected by you and cast off.

In Jesus name I pray now Father you strengthen their legs to walk through the door. Remove fear from them now so that they might enter the door. Reveal to them now that it is your door. Open their eyes that they might see that you are the door and they can come through. Father I pray this prayer for your beloved and I receive it Lord for myself. I pray oh King that you have your way in Jesus name. Amen.

He Is The Door Beloved - Come Through!

2 thoughts on “I AM The Door: Come Through”

  1. My God, I recieve it in Jesus name. Thank you for this prophetic word and encouragement. Once again God uses you to enlighten and enhance my life. Thank you for having an ear to hear Prophet. Much love!!!!

  2. This is me, this was for me, this is for me! Your closing prayer has strengthened me for this final push. I felt the healing power of God strengthening my legs! God promised me, “that those who bless me, he will bless” You are blessed and chosen by Our Father to Speak life.✝️

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