Get Up Great Warrior It’s Time To Run Again

On yesterday, prior to receiving the prophetic encouragement behind my most recent blog post titled Arise, Soar and Shift Your Position, the Father dropped another powerful word of in my spirit that came with a heartbreaking open vision. Here is what I heard and saw:

“I gave you a period of rest not a retirement party.”

Immediately following that, I saw a person up in years sitting miserably in a rocking chair. This person while up in years, was not weak and feeble as they were being treated. They had yet more life in them, but they retired from purpose. They were retired from living, retired from the vision although purpose was still stirring in their soul. I saw it in their face and in their eyes. They had yet more life to live, more wisdom to give but they were being held bound by those who said it was their time to retire.

Prophetic Encouragement

Beloved of God, I pray you are encouraged, empowered and restored to purpose with this word – God did not retire you. God did not tell you it was over. God did not tell you to shut down the ministry. God did not tell you that your time was up. And as I heard on today, He gave you a period of rest not a retirement party. He gave you time and space to be replenished, to recuperate, refocus, retool, reposition and realign but He did not tell you that your time was up and it was over. He did not tell you to stop. It’s time to get up and run again great warrior.

It’s time for you to get up out of that involuntary retirement and reconnect to the vision of the Lord within you. It’s time to remember what the Father sent you to that region, that church and that place you are in to do. It’s time to remember why he placed you in that school and that political office you now occupy.

You have had your season to rest. You have had your season to be strengthened again. You have had your season to sit, reflect and refocus – now it’s time to run again. It is time to rise up and cast off the bonds of retirement because there is still a mountain for you to take Caleb. There is still a word for you to release Anna. There is still an Isaac to birth Abraham & Sarah. There is still a John to be birthed Zechariah and Elizabeth. There is still more in you and more for you to do. Get up great warrior and remember your assignment. Get up great warrior and remember what you’ve been called to. Get up great warrior for the King and the generation following behind has need of you. There are more trails to blaze. There are more territories to be pioneered and there are still enemies to be beat back that you carry the anointing to slay.

In considering that thought, I cannot help but got back to Caleb in Joshua 14. In this text they are in Hebron, the place that would become his inheritance. In this text, he walks Joshua down memory lane about the promise the Lord made them. He makes note of the time that lapsed between that time and that moment as they stood there. They were 40 years old when they received the promise and here they stood advanced in years but still well able to take on anything. They had subdued the land in this place that was to be their place of rest according to Joshua 1:13.

Caleb however following his request for the mountain of Hebron as his inheritance makes this powerful statement in Joshua 14:11, “As yet I am as strong this day as I was in the day that Moses sent me: as my strength was then, even so is my strength now, for war, both to go out, and to come in.” While he understood Hebron was his inheritance and his place of rest, he made it clear that he was not retiring from war. He let it be known that he was strong enough to fight if need be and in the following text we see that when he drives out the three sons of Anak and marches against the people of Debir – Joshua 15:14-15.

Receiving his inheritance and entering into rest was not a signal to retire for Caleb. He was stayed battle ready. He stayed prepared to do work.. And I want to encourage you to do the same. Don’t take what is meant to be a season of rest and turn it into retirement party. Better yet, don’t let other people retire you when God has not. No matter your age or years in ministry, I encourage you to continue running in purpose. Do not allow people seeking to build their own thing retire you from your purpose just to put you to work in theirs. Don’t let them tell you God said your time is over when He didn’t tell you that. Don’t let folk convince you that it is over just because God gave you a period of rest. I don’t care how long you’ve been resting – it is not over until God says it is over. Get up great warrior it is time to run again.

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  1. You are talking to me with this word I have been in Ministry for years with my husband we have Pastored he had stroke 2013 I had a heart attack and triple bypass surgery 2017 but God sent a Prophetic Word that Iwould complete my Assignments I will be 70 in June active with my Prayerline but under my Son and Daughter in law Ministry, Doors are opening I have been resting some have said just sit and enjoy I hear the cry from many saying Mother come and help me need Prayer for my Physical Body to be made whole so I can do what I am Chosen to do

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