A Word For The Faithful

Kingdom Greetings to you GLORY Carrying, prophetic power releasing, atmosphere shifting, demonic systems destroying, times and season discerning, interceding, 5 fold mantle carrying worshippers, leaders, five-fold officers and servants of the Most High GOD.

As you go forward into this day, consider this you are Armed with New Grace and New Mercies. You are covered with the armor of our King and it fits perfectly. You are going into battle but it is merely a tactical formality because the victory has already been won. And though your feet be firmly planted on the battlefield and war surrounds you be encouraged in this, your part in this fight requires two things - obedience and swift movement to collect the spoils.

Be encouraged this day for you are armed with new perspective, you know your worth to the King and your value to the Kingdom. Arise and take heart in this our KING intends to bless you for obedience to stay in the fight even though it seemed at times the battle was on top of you to your destruction. You survived with your honor, integrity and obedience in tact. Now you shall enjoy the spoil of this battle. You shall enjoy the swift opening of doors for you did not desert nor did you turn on your fellow soldiers. You did not take out your weapons and aim upon them like a sniper when you saw them advancing you instead provided cover for their advancement. You have spent seasons providing ground cover for your fellow soldiers and now the season has come where you advance while ground cover is provided for you. You are advancing on enemy territory. You are entering into your place of promise. You are coming into your inheritance with your true family at your back to cover you and war. You are coming into possession of the ground you battled on. Your season of INHERITANCE and RECEPTION is here. Be encouraged. Be excited. Be Ready for what comes comes quickly.

Dust off that financial plan for what has seemed far off and impossible shall come upon you quickly. Remember the instructions you were given to plant seed. Prepare for what GOD promised is coming quickly. Prepare for you will plant seed and invest. That financial plan, that financial dream. That thing you wrote down is upon you. This is your reward and your instruction. You will say to yourself how can this be because I sowed no seeds to reap this harvest but you did in the ground cover you laid for others, in the lifting up not tearing down, in the sacrifices and what you gave in your lack. You put those that were broken before yourself even when you were broken. That was your significant seed.

Be encouraged and be prepared. Greatness is ahead.

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