Arrest Warrants, Apprehensions & Murder Attempts

On January 31, 2019 around 4:29 am, I was awakened with the impression of the following dream in my spirit. The dream was busy and filled with numerous elements that left my thought but I remember clearly the following.

I remember seeing this well-known preacher dressed in a white wife beater, black do-rag and jeans cuffed at the bottom. He looked like he was a gang member. I was in a new city and I had gotten lost so I was headed into some type of convenience store for some direction and help. And it was then when I stopped for help that I stumbled upon this person being pursued in a police chase. At this point in the dream, I remember we were in an open square or shopping center area and the hour had grown late as it became dark. I watched as he attempted to kill either the detective who had been investigating him or one of the officers about to arrest him because he was angry about being caught.

I was standing outside my car when more officers showed up. As I was on my way into the store, I remember seeing this person ducked down behind something and was walking around to what he thought was an officer down on the ground but it was a decoy. He walked up to it and began to shout at it, slapped it and went to pull out a knife to stab what he thought was an officer. I didn't know at the time it wasn't a real officer so I suddenly blurted, "look out," He didn't see me but he heard me and then suddenly he was near me standing over me and threatening me.

As he looked at me, he said suddenly he knew me and he began to attack me. He made accusations about me and then he threw a knife. He did this twice actually the once before he was captured and another time after because sometime between him standing over me and attempting to take me hostage or whatever his plan was he was captured. I didn't say much to him or anyone, I just remember walking away. I remember seeing him down on his knees with handcuffs on screaming. He was screaming at me that he couldn't be stopped. He kept screaming over and over he couldn't be stopped. He was shouting about being the only person with power and authority to teach on the glory. He kept shouting he knew me. In this midst of this I had an open vision of him throwing a knife at me that I seemingly caught out of the air and in that vision I saw myself responding to him in a very ungodly fashion. It was like I began to respond in the same arrogant spirit he had. I began to clap back at him saying to him that I knew GOD and my encounters were real and that GOD was with me.

As I came out of the vision within this dream, I came out at the moment that he threw a knife at me, and I caught it just as I saw in the vision but my real life response at that moment was tears. I remember seeing myself drop to my knees shaking and grateful for GOD and the protectors in the dream protecting me because this person had some type of knife throwing skill and the knife he threw was headed towards my neck/throat area and had it hit me I was going to bleed out to death.

For months I have sat on this dream uncertain of what to do because it was intense. It's one of three dreams I've received since the close of 2018 with names and faces of ministers known and unknown and places I've never seen. This one was so heavy I remember writing out this prayer to the Father that morning, "I am not prepared or equipped for this, please let me know what this is." And as I thought about it and the others all I could do was weep for the Body of Christ and weep for the broken and the disillusioned as well as those the Father revealed by name.

Over the past couple of weeks, this dream has been heavy in my spirit to share. As mentioned before, I wasn't sure what God wanted me to do with the information of this dream. I knew to pray for the persons, but I was not sure about how I should go about sharing this dream and its details. And if I can be completely transparent I've been so concerned about mistakenly sharing details that would identify those persons I was told to keep concealed - I wasn't sure if I would share it at all. But after using this dream as an example in a post I made on my Facebook page on Saturday April 6th, I felt a release to share the following.

Please be advised. If your only reason for reading this is to search for details and clues concerning the identity of the well-known preacher I dreamed about - you won't find any because this is not about that person. I made sure to not share their facial features, height, name or the name of their ministry because their identity is God's business. The insight I am about to share however is vital to us personally as believers and servants of GOD and it is also vital to the Body of Christ as a whole.

Prophetic Insight & Encouragement 

In the time I have spent mediating on this dream, discussing it and even sitting here now silently in the presence of the LORD I hear to share about arrest warrants, apprehension and murder attempts but I also hear to share about the protection of the Lord.

Arrest Warrants

From this dream the Father revealed to me that the person being pursued had actually been given an opportunity to go quietly. This person was being investigated by a detective who had brought with him two arresting officers to take this person in silence. GOD did not reveal to me the details of the investigation: only that there was an investigation and this person was given an opportunity to go silently on their own but they became angry about getting caught so instead of cooperating this person ran leading to warrants for their arrest being issued.

Here is what I heard concerning this. Like this person in the dream, many have been found guilty of punishable offenses through the investigation of the Lord's detective. They have been found guilty and many like this person in this dream instead of humbling oneself and allowing Godly sorrow to lead them into repentance have become angry for getting caught and have taken off running leading to arrest warrants in the spirit to be issued.

In this hour of great exposure, it is important that we the people of GOD and citizens of the Kingdom, when found guilty of operating in questionable character, wrong motives or when we get off from the path of GOD and etc, repent quickly. Revelation 2:5 says this, "Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will remove thy candlestick out of his place, except thou repent." Repentance is a beautiful gift from GOD and I believe in this dream this person of stature and influence was being given an opportunity to repent privately, they were being given the opportunity to remand themselves to the authorities but their pride would not let them do it - they instead ran which lead to an arrest warrant and a pursuit. And in regards to that pursuit the only pursuit we should desire of the LORD is HIS pursuing to bless us for our worship and our obedience - not our refusal to submit, humble ourselves and obey. Many however are in this place because as this person said to me in the dream as he was screaming at me, he believed he could not be stopped. His pride convinced him he was above the law, above being confronted, above being dealt with so he evaded capture which brings me to the next thing - apprehension.


In this person's refusal to submit and surrender to capture, they created a spectacle of a pursuit and police chase that eventually led to them being apprehended anyway. In observing this part of the dream my heart was saddened by the murderous spirit that manifested in this person. They did not see anything wrong with what they had done, they felt no sorrow neither did they feel remorse for their attempt to murder an officer of the law or me for that matter. In dreams I know that law enforcement often represents spiritual authority and I believe my role at this point in the dream shifted from observer/watcher to one who was assisting the authorities because I alerted the authorities to him trying to kill the decoy I thought was an officer.

Here is what I heard concerning this part of the dream. In this hour of exposure of those who refuse the invitation to repent, there will be those who not only run to evade capture they will seek to kill/assassinate the authorities of the Lord: those authorities being spiritual parents, other leaders, accountability or officers of the five-fold more specifically the prophet.

Please be advised and very aware of this, there is a spirit of murder that is arising to assassinate the prophets being called on this hour to speak forth correction and exposure. There is a spirit of murder arising to assassinate the ones being drawn by the spirit of the LORD into action to assist and under gird spiritual authorities. Those with this spirit will rise up in their pride and their arrogance and they will attack. They will slander. They will move with stealth in the dark as this person in this dream did and many like myself in this dream will be caught off guard by who it is. I was caught off guard in this dream when I found myself down on the ground with this person standing over me claiming to know me, seeking to kill me and silence me for attempting to divulge his location and actions.

This word of encouragement goes out to every prophet of GOD being called to release the sound of warning and disclose the location of spiritual fugitives - stand firm in the WORD of the LORD in your mouth. Stand firm in the instructions you have been given. Stand firm in the assignment of the Lord upon your life and do not fear for the LORD has you covered. As the scripture says in II Timothy 1:7 - For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. You do not have to fear the murder attempts of the enemy. You do not have to fear his threats against you for daring to open up your mouth and speak. You do not have to speak the same as the false prophets - be obedient to your call and your assignment as Micaiah the prophet who troubled King Ahab so. Stand firm in who you are and when commanded to speak - speak. Speak with the wisdom and redemptive love of GOD. Speak knowing that it is the will of GOD to protect you and provide redemption for the fugitive. Stand.

Prepare To Respond Properly

While there is so much more to share concerning this dream, I heard to end with this - be prepared to respond properly. In this dream this person began to attack me, he threatened me, my life and then he began to attack and discredit my experiences with GOD. In observing myself in the vision I was taken up into within this dream, I responded in such an ungodly fashion. I saw myself being completely consumed by my emotions which is always the wrong response.

Here is what I hear to share with you concerning this part of the dream, this person threatened me with a knife twice but it was my response to his words that posed the most damaging threat. When I was taken up in that vision within this dream, I believe the LORD was warning me to be mindful of my responses to the words people say especially words that seemingly attack areas of my life that are precious to me like my relationship with the Father - areas of my life I feel like I am failing Him in. If I can be transparent here this is a real struggle of mine. I often feel like I'm not doing enough to worship GOD and I find myself going back and forth beating myself up about a number of things because I love my Father and I want Him to be pleased with me so it's a place of vulnerability. The scriptures are clear, our adversary the devil goes about as a roaring lion seeking for who and what he can devour, I Peter 5:8. The enemy is constantly seeking to destroy us and often his most effective weapon is the use of our own emotions against us. He will release painful words and accusations whether they be true or false just to get a response out of us or steal our focus. He works hard at this, seeking to devour and destroy through our response to things like slander, gossip, rejection and so forth. And in knowing this we must be prepared to respond properly.

The vision I had within this dream, showed me the sin nature of the old Jamila seeking to rise up in me. I saw myself responding in the same spirit he had because I allowed what he said to impact me. And in considering that I'm glad the FATHER showed me that because it has made me cognizant of my own actions and triggers. And it has made me more aware of how I should respond to things people say to me. And I can attest to this being true because I was tested over this weekend in this.

Listen beloved, the enemy wants to destroy you with his words. He wants to destroy you from within. He wants to destroy you for daring to be obedient to the will of GOD. He wants you to fear his threats and his shouting. He however can do nothing to you for as the word declares in Psalm 91 those who dwell in the shelter of the Most High abide under the Shadow of the Almighty. We are protected. The only thing that can harm us is our own behaviors and responses to what the enemy is doing. He can threaten, scream, attack and accuse but his threats are nothing compared to the damage you can do to yourself.

In this hour of exposure be prepared to confront what's being exposed in you so that you are prepared to respond properly to the attacks, to the assaults, to the accusations and the seemingly personal attacks because even though it feels personal, it's not. The enemy however is not above using things that mean something to you on a personal level to get at you. He is not above coming for things you cherish to pull you out of character - your relationship with the Father, your family, your children, your spouse if you're married and so forth. He will come for whatever he can to pull you out of character don't fall for it.

In this hour, I encourage you to stand beloved according to the word of the LORD and after you have stood - STAND some more - Ephesians 6. We are not in a flesh and blood battle - we are at war with spirits. And while there are faces and names attached to those spirits remember the redemption of the LORD and HIS desire for all to be redeemed in this dream. Even with the person in this dream, I saw law enforcement giving him chance after chance. Even after he attempted to kill me and one of their own: they didn't try to kill him - he was given another chance to do right. Just as in the vision I was faced with a choice to respond right.

We both had the same choice and opportunity to respond to the exposure we were facing. This person chose to fight, run and attempted murder and I by the grace of GOD when confronted with my own response choices and what was in me - I chose to submit and choose the more excellent way of love revealed in my weeping at his second attempt to kill me following the vision I was taken up into. Instead of responding in the wrong spirit like I saw in my vision - I chose tears, thankfulness for my protection/protectors and surrender in falling to my knees. And I pray you do the same in this hour no matter which side of this you find yourself on. If you are the one under arrest, I encourage you to submit. If you are the one assisting the authorities and you are confronted with behaviors unbecoming due to being attacked, I encourage you to submit and choose the more excellent way of GOD. Choose obedience, surrender and love.


Father in JESUS name, I pray the conviction of the Holy Spirit falls upon us in this hour of exposure. Deal with us oh GOD like only you can and deal Father with the spirit that desires to run from the charges we are guilty of. Father in JESUS name I repent for exhibiting any of the behavior patterns revealed in this dream. I repent Father for allowing the moments I have allowed the enemy to pull me out of your character and your best for me. Father in JESUS name I pray in this hour of exposure a spirit of surrender and repentance falls upon your people from the well-known to the unknown. Oh LORD GOD have your way and deal with your people. Deal with the spirit of pride and arrogance in this hour. Deal with the spirit that seeks to murder the prophets. Deal oh GOD with every spirit that is running rampant and out of control in the Body. Oh LORD GOD we need your presence. We need you oh KING that we might do your will in the earth. Move upon your people. Move upon who are fugitives even now. Thank you for your continued mercy for them. Thank you for your mercy towards me. Oh LORD GOD I bless you. Have your way. Deal with the hearts of your people cause a Garment of Repentance to fall upon us all now in Jesus name. Amen.

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  1. My God, this is on point Prophet. The father has been dealing with me concerning my response to people I have encountered like in your dream. So I totally submit and humble myself under the mighty hand of God. I cry out even now for Repentance. Yes,my prayer is for God to uproot every hidden spirit in my heart. That I suppressed during the years. Thank you for sharing your dream and vision with us. Blessings Prophet!!!

  2. I know this is from God for the last few years the Lord have spoken the enemy wants a reaction out of you and to get you out of Character and I shared this with many people especially Prophets that we are in the time of Great Exposure. Thank You for releasing this post it is confirmation to me and others

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